A complete plan to keep your baby’s memories

We’ve created for you a special plan to keep your baby's memories !


Pregnant woman with a heart in her hand
  • Write a diary

  • Keep the pregnancy positive test

  • Keep images of ultrasounds

  • Request videotape recording of an ultrasound

  • Record the heartbeat of baby

  • Take a picture of your belly

  • Make a cast (eg plaster) of your belly

  • Photo of all the gifts received at the baby shower

  • List of guests at the baby shower


Photo to take to keep your baby's memories
  • The first family picture on the mom's hospital bed

  • Photos of details that can be particularly charming; his little fingers, his beautiful legs, his little feet, etc.

  • Photo of his hand in yours

  • Photo of the first house where baby lives

  • Photo of his/her bedroom.

  • Photo with Santa every year

  • Photo of his first trip to the zoo

  • Photo of his first Halloween

  • Photo of his first outing in the snow

  • Photo while sleeping

  • Photo while mom is breastfeeding

  • Photo of the first bath


List of subject you can add in your diaries
  • What does his name mean

  • The favorite names of mom and dad and the final reason for their choice

  • Length of stay in the hospital

  • The first visitors of baby

  • The first baby gifts

  • Who was present at his baptism, if any

  • The names of his first friends


Prints of hands and feet on a clay in Kubai World photo frame !
  • Record precious moments directly on a Dictaphone so you can listen to them or write later

  • Make prints of hands and feet on a clay. You can do this step with our products. You can find our products on

  • If baby has older siblings, make the fingerprints of all children on one support

  • Draw a shadow profile using a lamp

  • Write a letter to baby

  • Create the baby's family tree, as of his birth: this tree will change over the course of his life - grandparents will leave, cousins ​​will be added, but the day of his birth will allow him to situate himself later in time, at the family level


Baby bith bracelet on a baby girl feet.
  • Keep the baby birth bracelet and yours

  • Keep the umbilical cord clip

  • Keep the map with the coordinates of your baby on his small hospital bed

  • Cut a small strand of hair in a small

  • Keep copy of birth announcement, baptism sent

  • His very first picture

  • His first doggie

  • The first clothing he wore

  • His first blanket

  • Keep the newspaper from the day of its birth.


Some books on a table to keep them interested
  • A list of his favorite books

  • His favorite foods

  • Keep his first drawings. There's too much? Digitize them and keep them on CD!

  • His favorite TV shows

  • The funny little words he said that made everyone laugh

TO DO PERIODICALLY (weekly, monthly or yearly)

A beautiful cake for his/her first birthday !
  • Take the size and weight

  • Take a picture of a baby every month sitting next to the same dog every time and sitting on the same chair

  • An overview of all his birthday gifts

  • A photo of his birthday cake

  • A photo of the Christmas tree

  • A picture of all his Christmas presents

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